July Foster Care Budget

Groceries (these are groceries I've purchased specifically for the kids- not myself, or family meals in general. These only account for additional purchases made solely for the children) :
Breakfast Cereal: $10
Oatmeal: $10
Cheese, Meat, and Crackers For Lunches: $20
Sandwich Supplies For Lunches: $20
Fruit and Veggies For Lunches: $20
Veggie Chips: $15
Cheesy Popcorn: $15
Dried Fruit Mix: $25
TOTAL: $135

Bulk Body Wash: $30
TOTAL: $30

Court Meetings/ Family Visitations: $30
TOTAL: $30


Jackets for Summer Camp: $20
Knee-High Boots For Summer Camp: $30
Hats/Gloves For Summer Camp: $15
TOTAL: $65

Movies/ DVDs (including rentals): $20
Books: $15
Sleeping Bags For Summer Camp: $50
Summer Camp Supplies (bug spray, shampoo, etc): $75
Summer Camp Admission Fees: $1,200 ($400 each child)
TOTAL: $1,365


NOTE: An important thing to keep in mind is that this 'budget' does not account for any extra groceries I buy for daily meals like dinner- which I would be cooking for myself anyways, I just make more now (which is probably another $200 to $250 total each month). It also doesn't cover any of the costs of bringing a new child into my home.

A Poem To My Foster Children

You know what I think?
You're perfect. You're perfectly you.
You're perfect in every way,
in every little thing you do.
You're perfect in the way you smile,
and the way your cheeks squint your eyes.
You're perfect in the way you think.
You're philosophical and wise.
You're perfect in the way you laugh,
with a laughter that fills the room.
You're perfect in the way you walk,
dance, snore, breathe, and move.
You're perfect when you're reading,
staring at the stars, and playing outside.
You're perfect when you're confident,
and when you just want to run and hide.
You're perfect in any mood,
on any day at any time.
You're perfect when you're shy,
when you yell, cry, and whine.
You're perfect in any place.
You were perfect from the start.
You'll stay perfect until the very end.
You're always perfect in my heart.
Nothing you do could make you imperfect.
You'll always be perfect to me.
You don't need to change a single thing.
You is all you need to be.
So when you doubt your perfection,
play outside, look up to the stars.
Laugh, cry, read, be wise.
And remember how perfect you are.