February Foster Care Budget

Groceries (these are groceries I've purchased specifically for the kids- not myself, or family meals in general. These only account for additional purchases made solely for the children) :
Breakfast Cereal: $10
Oatmeal: $10
Cheese, Meat, and Crackers For School Lunches: $20
Sandwich Supplies For School Lunches: $20
Fruit and Veggies For School Lunches: $20
Granola Bars: $15
Juice Boxes: $20
Valentine's Day Cookie-Decorating Supplies: $25
Valentine's Day Candy: $15
Fruit Cups: $20
TOTAL: $175

2 Hair Brushes: $10
Bulk Hand Wipes: $40
Body Wash: $10
TOTAL: $60

School/ Court Meetings/ Family Visitations: $60
TOTAL: $60

School Valentine's Cards: $25
School Valentine's Candy: $10
Teacher's Valentine's Day Gifts: $20
Loose-Lief Paper: $5
TOTAL: $60

Hats: $15
Mittens: $10
Wool-Socks: $15
TOTAL: $40

Movies/ DVDs (including rentals): $15
Books: $10
Valentine's Day Plush Gifts: $20
New Blankets: $25
Magnetic Chores Chart: $10
Spongebob Birthday Decor: $45
How-To-Train-Your-Dragon Birthday Cake Supplies: $10
Birthday Gifts: $60
TOTAL: $195


NOTE: An important thing to keep in mind is that this 'budget' does not account for any extra groceries I buy for daily meals like dinner- which I would be cooking for myself anyways, I just make more now (which is probably another $200 to $250 total each month). It also doesn't cover any of the costs of bringing a new child into my home.

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  1. Hello Dawn,

    I don't know if my last message sent, I think there was a blog. I just wanted to thank you for what you're doing. I was wondering if there was a way to contact you as I have so many questions about your journey. I hope to do the same thing as you one day and would greatly appreciate discussing with you.

    Again, congratulations for what you are doing.