December Foster Parent Bucket List

Visit A Lights Show: Many places hold free light-shows. Specific neighborhoods often go all-out. Zoos have drive-through evenings. And churches and other organizations will sometimes put up a sparkling display. They're often free or low-cost. So why not spend a night driving around?

Send Holiday Gifts To Siblings/ Birth Parents/ Relatives: Christmas can be a difficult time for foster children. They'll often worry about their siblings, parents, and other relatives. If they themselves get gifts, they may feel guilty wondering if the rest of their family did. Prevent your child from feeling too overwhelmed by allowing them to buy and give gifts to their birth family. It will ease their minds and give them a chance to celebrate with their birth members.

Feed Birds: In the winter, many birds rely on birdseed to survive. So make a day and create a winter birdfeeding area. You'll draw in nature for your child to enjoy- and make many feathered neighbors very happy.

Learn About Other Cultural Holidays: Even if your child celebrates the same holiday as you- make a point to teach them about other cultural holidays. Take time to open your kids eyes into the traditions of Kwanza, Hanukkah, and Christmas.

Bake And Decorate Cookies Together: There's no better time to bake and decorate cookies- than around the holidays. Stock up on frosting, sprinkles, and decorations. And let your imaginations run wild with baking creativity.

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