Where To Find Free Kids Clothes, Toys, Books, and More!

As a foster parent, free things are one of my favorite things. I love finding good deals on quality clothes, toys, books, kids bedroom furniture, and an array of other things. I can keep 'extras' of stuff I find on stock to give to new kiddos when they come into my home. I can also help the birth parents of my past foster kiddos, if they come to me and are in need of a specific item (acceptable gym shoes for their teenager or school clothes, etc). Finding free things is easier than most people think. Online there a variety of places dedicated to helping people get rid of things they no longer use and putting them in the hands of people who actually could use them.

Craigslist: Probably the most widely known classifieds site in the world, Craigslist has a 'free' section where people often give away items- usually they'll have them packaged on the curb or in the yard of their house and all you have to do is be the first person to pick them up!

Kijiji: This site is run by eBay, but is almost exactly like Craigslist. Once again there is a 'free' section where you can find great deals and snatch up some awesome items that other people aren't using anymore.

Hoobly: Again, this site is a lot like the last two listed. It's a classifieds site that has a 'free' section where you can pick up an array of awesome items.

Listia: If you're like me, you probably like giving as much as you like getting! If that's the case then listia is the site for you. On this site you can auction off your old items and earn 'credits'. With those credits you can turn around and purchase new items offered on the site. It's just like eBay, except no money is involved. You simply ship the items people bid on to them. And then bid on their items in return!

Swapstyle: This site 'went out of style' quite a while ago, but there still are a few awesome active members. Swapstyle is an international site and many women from Australia, Europe, and the US use to swap clothing. Most of the clothes are teen girl and adult women sizes- but they do have some kids clothes as well (and lots of accessories like hats and gloves). You can trade in your old clothes for new clothes! I love this for swapping out-dated clothing for more relevant stylish outfits for my kiddos.

Rehash: Just like Swapstyle, Rehash is a great site for swapping clothing with women and girls around the world. This one is a bit more kid-friendly, and actually allows anyone 13 and older to use the site- so you can set up your teen child and let her swap her own clothes! What a fun way to get her excited about geography and fashion!

Freecycle: I LOVE the concept of this site. In an attempt to lessen our burden on mother earth, freecycle was created as a 'free giveaway' site where people can recycle and reuse other people's items. There are different freecycle groups for different locations so you can search different areas near you. Many also have the rule that you need to GIVE as much as you receive. So throw out your used items, and get something you need instead!

Paperbackswap: Just like Swapstyle and Rehash this website allows you to trade items with other people around the world. Except this site is focused on books rather than clothes. I love this site and scavenge thrift shops for cheap books- then get online and trade them for books my kids want!

SwapTree: This site gives you a list of sites like Bookswap where you can trade items with people around the world. There are multiple categories including books, DVDs, CDs, and video games!

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