November Foster Parent Bucket List

Make A Thanksgiving Dinner (Or Entree) Together: Involve your child in Thanksgiving dinner preperation. Even though it can oftentimes be hectic and nerve-wracking for you- imagine how hectic it must feel for your child. So many sure to include them, don't let them feel left out on this holiday. Cook a meal TOGETHER and let them help when they can.

Go To A Movie: Take a trip to a movie theater once this month. It's a great way to treat your kid- and also give them a chance to see a movie they've wanted to. Let them pick. It will give you guys a fun discussion peice and a neat way to spend a few hours relaxing.

Visit A "Black Friday" Event: Granted, not all Black Friday sales are child friendly. But wait until later in the day and visit one of the busiest shopping days of the year. It's a neat experience nonetheless. And even if you don't buy anything- the excitement of everyone else is pretty fun to watch.

Go On A Dollar Store Shopping Spree: Treat your kiddo to $15 to $20 for them to spend at their own will at the Dollar Tree. It's a fun way for your kid to get some new things, learn money management skills, and discover smart shopping.

Visit A Local Art Museum: Discover the world of creativity by taking a day to visit a local art museum. Inspire your child's own artist inside by walking into the imaginations of others through paintings, drawings, sculptures, and more.

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