YA (Young Adult- Teen) Books About Foster Children

I believe reading with your child can open up so many discussions, and can really become a therapeutic (and educationally inspiring) activity that both you and your child can enjoy together. I am always on the look out for fantastic books that feature a child in foster care. Here is a list of a few of my favorites. Feel free to add your choices in the comment section below!

Harry Potter (Series): Harry Potter follows the trials of a young boy, who's parents passed away, and he was adopted by his very cruel aunt and uncle. At age 11, Harry discovers he is in fact a wizard- by the blood of his very own parents. The story follows Harry as he attends wizarding school and finds love and contentment amongst the people there. He discovers that 'family' and 'home' aren't always with blood relatives- but rather with friends and the people who love you most.

Series of Unfortunate Events (Series): This murder-mystery series follows the journey of three siblings who's parents pass away in a house fire. They lose all of their belongings and are sent to live with different relatives and foster parents (whom they have never meant before). The books are relatively sad (as they involve a series of unfortunate events), but have the uplifting message of sibling bonds and the love of strangers.

American Girl: Samantha (Series): The popular American Girl series of Samantha, features the life of a wealthier girl in the mid 1900s. Samantha's best friend, Nellie is an orphan. The stories revolve around Samantha's and Nellie's friendship, and how being sisters doesn't mean you must be blood-related.

Pictures of Hollis Woods: This brilliant tale of a teenage girl in foster care follows Hollis Woods. The book tells a beautiful story of a foster child who leaves a loving family who had the intent to adopt her, and finds herself placed in the home of a woman who needs Hollis, more than Hollis needs her. This story shows that love can come in many forms, and fate works miracles in unique ways.

Julie of the Wolves: Julie is a 13 year old girl, who in the beginning of the story loses both her mother and father at different points in her life. She is sent away to live with her foster parent aunt- who tells her she can leave her house if she marries a certain boy. Julie's life seems to be miserably held together and in an attempt to find happiness she decides to try and venture her way to her pen-pal in California. In the wilderness she teams up with a pack of wolves to survive, finding family amidst the creatures.

A Tundra Tale: A Tundra Tale is an arctic fairytale novel based on Alaskan folklore, with a paranormal twist. The book follows Olive, and an orphan girl named Sasha, as they adventure into the tundra in the hopes of helping a ghost named Charlotte pass on from the dead. (SPOILER: In the end of the book Olive adopts Sasha, and both of them realize that family and a mother/daughter bond does not need blood ties to be real).

Anne of Green Gables (Series):
This infamous novel follows the charming and lovable Anne- an orphan who is mistakenly sent to an older couple who had intended to adopt a boy to help them on their farm. Anne is sent instead, and the couple eventually falls for her charm. Along the way Anne discovers how family truly can change someone's life, and that love is always worth fighting for.

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