September Foster Parent Bucket List

Take A Hike In A Local Nature Reserve: There are small parks and nature serves all over the country, and they usually have trails ready to be hiked! Get some fresh air and let your child explore the autumn landscape by making a point to go on a little local adventure this month.

Buy And Play A New Educational Board Game: There are all kinds of awesome education board games out there. Local thrift shops and Goodwills are usually filled with them. Pick a subject your child needs to work on a bit (whether it's math or reading) and then find a game that you can play together. It's a fun way to promote education!

Take A Tour Of A Local Attraction: Every small city has some kind of local attraction. Whether it's the home of a historical figure, a small museum, or a local monument- you're sure to find some kind of small place worth visiting. Get to know your town's history and open up your kid's curiousity by visitng one of these places.

Send Surprise Mail To Siblings and Birth Parents: Mail is so much fun for kids to recieve and give away. Send out surprise letters and drawings (maybe even small packages) to your child's siblings and birth parents. It's a fun way to keep everyone connected.

Have Surprise Mail Sent To Your Kiddo: Once your child has shipped out their packages- contact local family and friends and ask if they could return the favor by surprising your child with a fun little letter or box to open.

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