August Foster Parent Bucket List

Attend A Local Fair or Carnival: State and county fairs are so much fun. They offer up an array of games and rides and a semi-affordable price. So let your kid run around and have a good time. It's a great way to just have fun together.

Go Camping: Whether you pitch a tent in your backyard, or rent a camper at a local park- camping is a fun family activity that allows you to teach fun survival skills- like cooking on a fire and gathering kindling.

Go School-Supplies Shopping: A lot of parents find school-supplies shopping to hectic to bring their kids along. But I feel like going shopping together allows your child to get excited about school. Let them pick out personalized notebooks and folders and other items. It's a great way to get them encouraged to do well this upcoming school year.

Visit A Local Farm or Petting Zoo: Petting zoos and farms allow your child to learn about where their food comes from. Dairy products and eggs and meat are staples in many households- but not all kids realize where these things are from. Educating your kid on farming practices opens a lot of doors for your kid. And letting them meet the animals that feed them is a great way to teach them how to be thankful for their food.

Attend A Craft Fair: Many small cities host craft fairs, and even small towns occassionally have a church or organization that puts one on. Taking the time to attend one with your child can teach them about small-business opportunities and allows them to see how creative endeavors can make great business ideas!

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