July Foster Parent Bucket List

Watch Fireworks on the 4th of July: Don't forget to experience the 4th! Fireworks are fun entertainment for people of all ages, and typically are free for most parts of the country. Find the perfect seat and make a point to sit out and enjoy them with your kiddo.

Visit A Local Aquarium/ Sea Life Center: Not all areas have these nearby, but if you do- make a point to visit one this month. They're a great way to teach your child about aquatic creatures and get them positively involved in marine biology.

Visit A Local Amusement Park: This is a bit of an investment, but one day at an amusement park can instill 100 new experiences in a child. From their first roller coaster ride, to trying new candy and foods, to playing a new carnival ride- it's so worth the investment. It will give your kiddo all sorts of new and fun experiences.

Attend A Soccer Game: Soccer isn't a huge sport in America, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth attending a game. Little league games often have free admission and will give your kid a chance to cheer on some of their local friends. Professional games are fun too- although they are a bit more costly.

Have A Movie Night: Take one night this month and dedicate it to movies. Make popcorn, buy snacks, set up a huge pile of pillows in front of your TV and let your kiddo(s) pick a flick or two to watch. It's a fun and great way to relax in the heat of the summer.

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