June Foster Parent Bucket List

Send The Birth Dad A Father's Day Gift: Don't forget the birth dad on Father's Day. Let your child pick out a gift, a card, (and wrap them on their own) for their dad. If you don't have visitation rights to see the father, mail the gift to them. It's a great way to show him their child still cares- while also letting your child openly discuss their father in a positive light.

Visit A Local Zoo: Zoos are so much fun! For kids they can be HUGE memories and extremely educational. Make a point to bring your child to a zoo this month. There are so many valuable discoveries that can be made there!

Visit A Local Pool or Water Park: When the weather gets hot, let your child cool off by participating in a popular summer tradition of going to a local pool or water park. Not only is it a great way for your kid to wear off some energy, it's an awesome way to just have genuine fun.

Take Swimming Lessons: During the summer many places open up swimming lessons for kids. Having your child attend swimming lessons is a great way to promote water safety, confidence, and independence in your kid. You can also teach your child to swim, yourself! Which is a great way to bond over learning a new activity together.

Attend A Baseball or Softball Game: Whether it's a little league game or a professional show-down, baseball and softball games are an American summertime tradition. They're a great way to spend an evening, and if you have a little sports star of your own- they can be very memorable.

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