May Foster Parent Bucket List

Drop Flower's Off At Elderly People's Homes For May Day: Let your child pick out a few flower arrangements from a local florist, and then anonymously drop them off at differently elderly people's homes in your neighborhood. The tradition of placing flowers on someone's doorstep, ringing the doorbell, and running away is a May Day practice done all around the country. It also makes both your child and recipient feel wonderful!

Send The Birth Mom A Mother's Day Gift: Don't forget your child's birth mom on Mother's Day. Allow them to pick out a gift and a card (and even wrap it themselves) for their birth mom. Have them send the gift in the mail- or if they have visitation rights, give it to them in person.

Visit A Local Biotanical Garden: As all of the plants begin to soak up the spring-time sun, most Biotanical Gardens open up for business. Take your child on a tour of one. You both can learn about new plants together, while enjoying the lovely scenery.

Attend A Memorial Day Event: Memorial Day is so so important and such a great holiday for children to be involved in. Take your child to a Memorial Day celebration where they can meet and shake the hands of veterans, as well as pay tribute to the amazing people who sacraficed their lives for your child's freedom.

Host An End-Of-School Party or Sleepover: At the end of the school year, let your child host an 'end of school party' at your house and invite all of their classmates. It's a great social activity for them. It's also a great way for you to meet their friends and classmate's parents.

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