Beginning Foster Child Check-List (What You Can Get To Prepare Ahead Of Time)

This list is based on things you can prepare before actually having a child placed in your home. These simple little necessities aren't all required (some are), but I recommend all of them. You'll eventually use every single one of these. This is just a beginner's list. Basic things to have on hand. Obviously it doesn't cover everything, but it does help give a basic idea of the beginning budget a foster parent will need to set aside to prepare for a child to come into your home. This list does not cover infant necessities. This one is for children 3 and older.

Bedroom Furniture
-Dresser or Closet Hangers
-Desk or Book Shelf

-Pillow Case

Children's Medicines
-Pain/ Headache Remedies (Advil)
-Cough Drops/ Syrup
-Chest Congestion Rub (Vix Vapor Rub)
-Bug Bite Remedies

First Aid Supplies
-Children's Thermometer
-Rubbing Alcohol
-Gauze Pads, Bandage Wrap
-Liquid Charcoal

-Hair Brush/ Comb
-Hair Ties
-Wash Cloth

Basic Entertainment
-Art Supplies
-Board Games

At-Home School Supplies (Homework Helpers)
-Paper, Notebooks
-Markers, Crayons, Colored Pencils
Wondering what you'll need to buy after a child comes into your home? Visit my New Foster Child Check-List to read my list of first-week necessity buys.

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