Questions To Ask Your Foster Child To Get Gift Ideas

Buying your first few holiday gifts for a foster child can be difficult (especially if you've only known them a month or two!). But a few simple questions can open up a lot gift ideas. Here's a list of a few fun little questions to ask your child- and how to use their answers to buy personalized gifts for them!

What's your favorite color?
Purchase items for their room (bedding, pillows, rugs etc), new clothes, accessories, and room decor in this color. You could also buy them a matching set of school supplies in their favorite color. Camp accessories for their summer camp. Or for girls- jewelry and hair accessories.

What's your favorite hobby?
Purchase items that coordinate with the hobby. Do they like a certain sport? Buy them some equipment. Do they like science? A science kit would make a great gift. Writing? A notebook and pencils- maybe even a type-writer or writing desk. Get creative. Find out what your kid enjoys doing, and then find items that coordinate with that activity.

What do you like to do in your free time?
Again this is a great way to get ideas. It goes closely with hobbies and you take the same basic approach? Video games? Why not buy them a new one? Doing hair and make-up? Get them new hair care items and a make-up set.

Do you have a favorite sport/ Do you have a favorite team?
This one tends to work better for boys- but sports oriented girls would like these ideas as well. You can either buy them their own sports equipment, a ticket to a game of their favorite team, or sports memorabilia items for their room.

What kinds of gifts do you like?
This isn't necessarily asking "What do you want for your birthday?", but it's giving your child a way to let you know the kinds of things they enjoy receiving as presents.

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