April Foster Parent Bucket List

Plant Flower Seeds: April is springtime month all across the US and it's the perfect time to plant seeds together! Many perrenial lower seeds typically grow in all parts of the US and are a great way to teach your kids about nature.

Vollunteer At A Local Animal Shelter: Take a day this month to vollunteer at your local animal shelter or rescue group. Help walk and socialize animals. Clean kennel areas. Food and water pets. And play with the furry creatures! It's a great way to teach your child proper animal care and the importance of vollunteering.

Make A Blanket-Fort: It sounds like a silly idea, but blanket forts can be fun for kids of all ages. For teens and tweens challenge them to make it the best and most awesome fort ever. With younger kids- simply allow their imagination to run wild.

Bake A Dessert Together: Teach baking skills tastefully, by baking a dessert together. Taking 15 to 20 minutes to bake cookies or cupcakes is a great way to teach your kid how to follow recipe instructions- and add a bit of a sweet something' to their dinner.

Adopt A Houseplant: Visit a local greenhouse or nursery, and let your child pick out a house plant to keep. It's a kind way to teach them responsibility. Plants like spider plants and aloe are intrigueing to kids- but also very easy to keep alive.

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