Ways To Make Your Foster Child Feel At Home

No one can really comprehend the uncomfort that comes with being a foster child, and being placed in a new house. Everything is new and different and SO intimidating. But there are a few small ways you can put your child's mind at ease and make them feel a bit more welcome in their new environment.


Have A 'Snack Drawer': Many foster kids come from homes where food wasn't always available. Having a snack drawer can help put your child's mind at ease by letting them know "there will always be food right here in this drawer". I like to keep healthy snacks in a drawer in the fridge. Things like grapes, cheese, apples, fruit cups, apple sauce, carrot sticks, and pre-made ham sandwiches.

Let Them 'Wall Sticker' Their Room: Wall stickers are such a cute, inexpensive, and fun way for kids to personalize their room. Plus- they're not permanent, they come right off with no residue! Let your kiddo pick out wall stickers they like (there are hundreds of themes from Disney Princess to skateboarding to One Direction). And then let them personalize their own room.

Have Pajamas Available: I keep pajamas of all sizes available. Why? The first night my child goes to sleep in my house, I want them to be as comfortable as possible. And even if I can't prepare for every single expense involved with them coming into my home, I want them to sleep comfortably. That first night is always the hardest. So a comfy pair of PJs really can be a nice way to make the transition a little easier.

Use Age-Appropriate Hygiene Products: Spongebob themed shampoo is the best for younger kids! And they have such a blast using light-up toothbrushes! These little things can make a foster child so so excited about keeping clean. On the other hand- teens enjoy more adult items. Don't make your teen boy use lavender scented shampoo- buy him a guys brand. And let your teen girl have something fruity and fun. Let them pick their own tooth brush, tooth paste, deodorant, and razors. These little personalization's can make a huge difference.

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