March Foster Parent Bucket List

Go Bowling or Roller Skating: Two of America's most traditional and affordable past times are bowling and roller skating. Letting your kid be involved in either of these activities is a great way to just have fun together. You'll make memories and teach them a new skill!

Learn About Fire-Safety/ Practice A Fire-Safety Plan: Every month is a great month to teach your child about fire safety- but if you haven't had the chance to prior, make March your month for fire safety. Take a day to teach your child what to do in case of a fire, the escape plan for your house, and where you'll meet outside.

Visit A Library Each Week: Take one day of each week and go to a local library. Library cards are free! And reading is a skill worth practicing. Let your child choose books that interest them. And pick out a few books for yourself as well!

Collect Postcards Via HeroNetwork: Use the website and post a wish asking for people to send post cards from their state (or country if they are outside of the US). Set up a map on a wall in your house and let your child discover all parts of the world through the mail that comes to your mailbox!

Visit A Local Historical Site: Every area in America has some kind of history. Whether it's traditional Native American land, a war site, or the birth place of a famous historical figure- towns all across the US have some kind of historical value. Make a point to visit one of these places with your child- and discover the history and knowledge behind it together.

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