February Foster Parent Bucket List

Send Valentine's Day Cards To Siblings/ Birth Parents/ Relatives: Prior to Valentine's Day have your child make or sign cards for their siblings, birth parents, and relatives that are still actively involved in the child's life. Then have the child mail them out. Not only is this a great way to brighten your birth-relatives day, it's a great way to ensure the child that their family is not left out as they celebrate the holiday.

Have A Craft Day: Pick out one day and make it into a craft day. Buy a bunch of craft supplies at your local Art Store or Dollar Tree, and then let your child(ren) create! Let their imagination go wild. Even you can enjoy the fun. Collect a variety of things from googly eyes, to markers, to pipe cleaners, and more!

Attend A Basketball Game: Whether it's a professional NBA game or even a high school or little-league event, bringing your child to a basketball game is a fun outing you can both experience together. High school admission prices are rarely over $5.00.

Attend A Local Concert: Music is such a fun art form that comes in so many styles! Find a music concert that will fit your kid's interests and then make a point to visit a local show. Whether it's a Holleywood star playing at a local venue, or just a small battle of the bands, or even a kids musical event at the local library- going to a concert together is a fun way to spend a day.

Grant Birthday Wishes on HeroNetwork: Use the website to find birthday wishes. Have your child pick out cards for each kids, as well as maybe a set of stickers or a few coloring pages- and have your child send out cards to less fortunate children. It's a great way to instill kindness, and is relatively affordable as well!

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