January Foster Parent Bucket-List

My New Years Resolution this year? Create a bucket list for each month of five things I can do with my foster kids. Then DO THEM! If you'd like to join me, I'll be posting my "Monthly Foster Parent Bucket List" on the 1st of each month on this blog!

Make A New-Years Resolution List: On January 1st, take a moment to sit down as a family, and write down new years resolutions together. Let your kiddo pick out any goals they want to work towars this year, and make a promise to help them achieve them.

Visit A Local Children's Museum: Sometime throughout this month, visit a children's museum. Make a day of it. The admission price is worth the learning experience. Not only will your child be filled with educational exploration- they'll have a memory that will last a lifetime.

Learn To Cook A New Cultural Food Together: Find a food related to your child's ethnicity or culture. If they are caucasion- trace their last name to the region of Europe they were from and cook a meal that's popular there. If they are from a specific Asian country- look for a food that's often eaten there. If your child is hispanic look for traditional Mexican foods. These tehcniques can be used for all races of children.

Go Ice Skating: If you can find a local ice-skating rink, make a point to visit. Even if you yourself aren't a star skater- they'll usually have children's lessons that are well worth the money. Your child can learn a new skill, while enjoying a traditional winter activity.

Buy And Do A Science Experiment Kit: There are a variety of science kits available on the market. Most are $10.00 to $15.00 and offer great educational value. You can mine for stones and gems or build a volcano. Whatever you and your child choose- you'll have fun learning together!

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